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Healing Drum Circle

Throughout time, tribal cultures have utilized the transformative qualities of sound frequencies to promote health and well being. Here in the West, we are just beginning to utilize the very basics of this ancient healing art in modalities such as music therapy. In a healing drum circle, people come together in community to use the power of group drumming, rhythm and sound for healing and rejuvenation.

Fonziba first sets the stage by teaching drum rhythms which have various therapeutic properties. She then demonstrates how to play other percussion instruments like shakers, rattles, bells, chimes, singing bowls etc. which help to relax, release, revitalize, harmonize, balance, center, nourish or empower.

Once everything has been prepared, one or several people go to the center of the circle to be recipients of the sound frequencies, and the drum circle begins. Fonziba guides the entire group so that their drum rhythms and percussion sounds help to naturally bring imbalances, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, back to a state of more wholeness and integration.

The Healing Drum Circle can be presented by itself, but it is most effective if done in combination with the Healing through Drumming, Rhythm and Sound workshop. Usually the workshop is offered first, for a full or half day, and then the Healing Drum Circle takes place that evening or soon thereafter.

Note – This workshop is not intended to replace appropriate medical care or advice. Those in need of medical attention should seek a physician or health care professional of their choice.



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