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African Drumming & Culture with Fonziba

Fonziba is one of the most dynamic and interactive music educators you will ever meet. Her energetic African drumming and culture programs enable people of all ages to discover and enliven their innate personal creativity. Fonziba's unique experiential approach gives everyone a rich and authentic taste of life in West Africa that broadens their understanding of other cultures and ways of living.

Fonziba is most known for her exciting school presentations which include assemblies, residencies, character building, family nights and teacher in-services. She has conducted over 500 programs in Midwest schools, and is on the roster of artists for the Iowa, Illinois and Missouri arts councils' Arts in Education programs.

Fonziba also delights audiences in libraries, museums and churches, and gives classes, workshops and private lessons in West African drumming in her hometown of Fairfield, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa and throughout the Midwest.

Benefits of African Drumming
Releases stress, frustration and pent-up energy
Stimulates creativity and self-expression
Increases self-esteem and confidence
Builds teamwork and leadership skills
Improves co-ordination, concentration, focus and recall
Enhances coherent brain wave patterns
Fun, relaxing and energizing

When people drum with Fonziba, they reconnect with a powerful primal place inside and unlock their ability to express from that level. Under Fonziba’s expert tutelage, creativity wakes up and begins to flow freely and joyfully.

Fonziba’s programs provide:
Thirty authentic West African jembe hand drums and three dundun bass drums for everyone to play
Fonziba’s engaging documentary DVD about living and drumming in West Africa
Interactive display of things used in a typical African home for cooking, eating, cleaning, washing, sitting and sleeping

Developing respect for other cultures and a sense of world citizenship is a key proponent in all of Fonziba’s offerings. Her lively discussions about her documentary DVD help everyone gain a sense of connectedness with other cultures, realizing that our commonalities and shared life experiences far outweigh our differences.


Channel 12 Story on Fonziba at Morris Elementary, Des Moines   
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Fonziba in class   adult drummers
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