Fonziba Drums!
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School Programs

Fonziba’s assemblies are super interactive and engaging. Thirty students play African drums, twenty students learn African dance steps, while the entire audience performs amusing body percussion rhythms, sings African songs and vies for a chance to come up front and make up their own dance solo to the thunderous and electrifying drumming. Everyone leaves feeling uplifted and energized... [more info]

Fonziba thrills students by providing each one with an authentic African drum to play in her residency classes. Students learn African polyrhythms to enhance teamwork skills, make up their own rhythms to increase creativity and confidence, and play fun rhythmic games to improve concentration and release pent-up energy. They watch Fonziba’s documentary about living and drumming in Africa, play with her “African Home Display” and have meaningful discussions with Fonziba about understanding other cultures... [more info]

Character Counts®
Even if your school does not participate in CHARACTER COUNTS!®, this workshop is invaluable for your students. During the workshops, each student plays a drum while Fonziba rhythmically guides them through the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Fonziba’s hands-on approach enables students to feel, on a deep gut-level, what each of these character traits means for themselves, their friends, family, community and the world... [more info]

"Family Night" Drum Circle
While Fonziba is presenting at a school, the students often love to bring their families for an exhilarating evening of drumming. This presentation includes an opportunity for family members to try playing the African drums and hand-held percussion instruments, and learn some African dance steps. Fonziba plans this event with you to meet your school’s needs... [more info]

Teacher In-Services
Fonziba offers in-services for area music teachers which significantly support their efforts to bring more rhythmic development and percussion into their music programs. Fonziba also offers in-services for classroom teachers to give them the opportunity to sample the engaging learning experience that their students enjoy during a residency program... [more info]

Learning Tools Included
Fonziba brings thirty authentic African hand drums for students to play in all programs. She sends her documentary video, “Gifts from Mother Africa,” about living and drumming in Africa, for students to watch before she arrives. For residencies, Fonziba brings her “African Home Display” containing many typical household items for students to view and play with... [more info]




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