Fonziba Drums!
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Family Night Presentation and Drum Circle

While Fonziba is presenting at a school, the students often love to bring their families for an exhilarating evening of drumming. Fonziba will plan this event with you to meet the needs of your school and community. It can include Fonziba’s documentary video and/or a performance on the drums by students for their families.

In most cases, the evening concludes with an opportunity for family members to try playing the jembe drums and hand-held percussion instruments. Fonziba can also get folks up to learn some African dance steps—always delightful. Everyone from tiny tots to grandparents gets involved and has a great time! This event is always a favorite.

Cost:   $200 additional, if already at your school
    $400 (plus travel expenses) if booking this event alone

    * Fonziba can tailor her programs to fit your school’s needs and budget.
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  Family night with Fonziba
Fonziba Family Night   Fonziba Family Night
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