Fonziba Drums!
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Learning Tools Included...

Fonziba provides unique learning tools in her school programs.
These special enrichment materials maximize student involvement.
Watch each student's learning experience come alive!

Authentic African Hand-Drums

Every student gets to play a genuine West African drum. These jembe drums, hand-carved in the Ivory Coast, are made out of iroko wood, one of the best woods for jembes. The Bambara people of southern Mali and the Malinke people of northern Guinea originated jembes, and have used them for several thousand years.

Fonziba also brings a set of three Doundoun bass drums which are played by select students.





doundouns   djembes
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Documentary Video "Gifts from Mother Africa"

This delightful documentary follows Fonziba on her journey to West Africa in 2003, where she spent six weeks living with the Dembele family, whose traditional drummers go back thirty generations. Fonziba apprenticed with the family elder, Dramane Dembele, and performed with his drum troupe at three to five African weddings every week. The eighteen-minute video wonderfully depicts highlights of the drumming and dancing at the colorful weddings and also shows all the details of daily life in a contemporary African home.

The video is usually sent ahead of time so that all classes can watch it before Fonziba arrives. Students simply love this video and it gives a good cultural background for all of Fonziba’s programs.

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African Home Display
(for residencies only)

This display contains many things used in a typical African home for cooking, eating, cleaning, washing, sitting and sleeping. The “Gifts from Mother Africa” video explains each item.

The display is placed in a public spot in the school so that classes can take turns viewing it. Students are encouraged to play with the display contents, especially the grain crusher, which students are anxious to try after seeing it in the video.

  African display
African hat   African cookware   African gord instrument
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