Fonziba Drums!
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Community Drum Circles

Drum Circles for Adults, Families, Women and Kids

Community drum circles are a great way for people to come together and experience the joy of expressing themselves creatively in a group. Everyone has rhythm. We are born with it. Even before birth, we experience the pulsating rhythm of our mother's heartbeat, and this impression remains with us for life, deep inside our core. When people drum with Fonsiba, they reconnect with that powerful primal place inside and unlock their ability to express from that level. Creativity wakes up and flows freely and joyfully.

In community drum circles we focus on creating our own rhythms together, rather than learning specific rhythms from Africa. Under Fonsiba’s expert tutelage, everyone will be moving and grooving to their own tribal beats while playing in harmony with the whole group.

The power of communal drumming is known to help people release stress, frustration and pent-up energy, stimulate creativity and self-expression, build teamwork and a sense of community, and enhance coherent brain wave patterns for a greater sense of well being. But most of all its loads of fun! The electrifying rhythms and thunderous beats will leave everyone feeling exhilarated and energized.

Fonziba’s drum circles are open to all regardless of drumming experience. (Drums provided for those who don’t have one.)

Drumming Circle in Gazebo



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